What Is Costume Jewelry?

If you are into jewelry, there is a good chance that you have owned a piece of costume jewelry. Costume jewelry can add flair to any style while making sure the owner does not go bankrupt. Costume jewelry is not just for people with limited budgets. Many people who wear it can afford more expensive jewelry.

What Is Costume Jewelry?

Costume jewelry is ornamental. It is far less expensive than fine jewelry and is more of a fashion choice than something that is regarded as an heirloom or keepsake. Early costume jewelry was made of inexpensive materials such as lucite and rhinestone. The base of the jewelry was often made of materials such as silver and pewter.

When World War II began, a ban on using those materials was put in place because silver and pewter were also used in the manufacture of weapons. As a result, sterling silver became a popular choice for costume jewelry.

As time passed and the war ended, the original materials were used, but different materials were introduced into manufacturing. Sterling silver was still used, but now it was covered or coated with gold.

How Is It Different from Fine Jewelry?

The differences between fine and costume jewelry primarily focus on the price and the materials used to make them. Fine jewelry is composed of authentic gems and metals such as gold and platinum. By contrast, costume jewelry is made of cheaper materials. In addition to sterling silver, you can even find costume jewelry that is made of wood and beads.

Fine jewelry is usually far more expensive than costume jewelry. In fact, the price of the jewelry often makes it an investment and not just an accessory. Costume jewelry is rarely considered a keepsake or investment.

For many people, costume jewelry is a great way to accessorize without breaking the bank.