About Lisa McDaniels

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am not your “average” girl. I have never been big on clothing, shoes, or accessories. In fact, all of my high school yearbook pictures look the same. In fact, I think I might have worn the same t-shirt in all of them.

It was not until I had a daughter that my views on jewelry and clothing changed. Not only did I have a daughter, but she is a girly-girl type. Whereas I would have been happy putting her in a t-shirt and jeans, she wanted to add accessories. When she got older, she decided it was her job to educate me on style.

Although I reluctantly followed her to store after store in our local mall, I learned a lot about style including costume jewelry. I even started to like it. I now collect pieces that I find to be interesting or nice looking. I might still wear my t-shirts and jeans, but I add a piece of costume jewelry to it.

I started this site to help others who struggle with the whole concept of style. No one should have to go through the growing pains I did. Hopefully what you learn on this site will help you to appreciate it so that when the time comes to buy your own, you will enjoy the experience.