What Is Costume Jewelry?

If you are into jewelry, there is a good chance that you have owned a piece of costume jewelry. Costume jewelry can add flair to any style while making sure the owner does not go bankrupt. Costume jewelry is not just for people with limited budgets. Many people who wear it can afford more expensive jewelry. What Is Costume Jewelry? Costume jewelry is ornamental. It is far less expensive than fine jewelry and is more of a fashion choice than something that is regarded as an heirloom or keepsake. Early costume jewelry was made of inexpensive materials such as lucite and rhinestone. The base of the jewelry was often made of materials such as silver and pewter. When World War II began, a ban on using those materials was put in place because silver and pewter were also used in the manufacture of weapons. As a result, sterling silver became a popular choice for costume jewelry. As time passed and the war ended, the original materials were used, but different materials were introduced into manufacturing. Sterling silver was still...

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The History of Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry has a more extensive history than some people might think. It can be found in history as early as 300 years ago. The history of costume jewelry is generally divided into before and after World War II. Before World War II Prior to World War II, costume jewelry was predominantly worn by people who have few other options when it came to buying jewelry. It was made of materials such as semi-precious stones and inexpensive glass. Before the war, it was usually regarded solely for a poorer class of people. Most people of wealth would snub the idea of wearing anything other than fine jewelry. When the war began, production of costume jewelry slowed because many of the materials that were used to make it could also be used in weapons. The materials were more valuable in the war than on the wrist and necks of the poor. After World War II After the war ended, the production of costume jewelry increased. There was a big chance in perception of the jewelry though. It was not just...

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Where Can You Find Costume Jewelry?

Since its inception, costume jewelry has become increasingly popular. As a result, the prices for it have risen. It is still very affordable, but you might have to do some footwork to find pieces that are both stylish and within your budget. Luckily, there is no shortage of places to get the right piece. Online There are a slew of shops online that offer affordable costume jewelry. Some online stores offer the ability to shop according to trends and types of jewelry. The great thing about online shopping for your costume jewelry needs is that you can often find a sale or an offer such as free shipping without having to go from store to store. During your search, be sure to take time to shop some of the fine jewelry online stores. Even though a large share of their stock might be fine jewelry, they still have a considerable amount of costume jewelry inventory. In Stores Another great place to shop and spend a weekend day is to shop in stores. Many designers have not only clothes and...

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Costume Jewelry Guide

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Costume Jewelry Facts

You've undoubtedly heard of costume jewelry, but do you know exactly what it is? Costume jewelry is more than just trinkets you find at the counter of a store!

Costume Jewelry’s History

Costume jewelry has a rich history that is more than 300 years old. It even has a connection to war that you might not have considered.

Buying Costume Jewelry

Finding the right costume jewelry for your needs is more than just going to your local store. There are more options for buying the jewelry than you would think.